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Meet Yori Scott

the therapist who doesn't just stop there.

For years, I've been guiding people towards a more fulfilled future, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.


I've seen first-hand how the burdens of life can also diminish a life, so that's what fuels my fire. This same truth has moved me to help young adults and people of color, who often feel this weight, navigate through that pain.


Simply put, this is more than a job for me. This is my joy.


But, let me take a step back and introduce myself to you formally.


I'm Yori, a multifaceted psychotherapist who offers a range of services tailored to the events present in your life. Whether you need an immigration evaluation, couples counseling, or therapy, I've got you covered.


My goal with every client is to not only have you feeling better but also feel empowered to keep up the habits we develop.


I'm dedicated to coming up with custom solutions that work for you. Not the masses. After all, you should never have to worry about a one-size-fits-all approach to your growth.


So, those individuals seeking a new perspective in their daily life those couples seeking guidance in their marriage

...and to those newcomers seeking acceptance in America


I'm here for you wholeheartedly. I'm so happy you've come across my practice.

Know that this is no mistake...because therapy works.

Yori Scott Black Therapist
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